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video-editing-surreyWe love editing videos – this is where we really come into our own! We can edit all formats of video, whether it’s shot on SD Cards, CF, SXS cards, HDD or Mini DV. We can accommodate a variety of different projects from promotional shorts for your website, DVD for internal sales and marketing to corporate videos. The finished video can then be uploaded onto the web for use on your website, YouTube, shared through social media channels, produced onto DVD or incorporated into an email marketing campaign. We are used to working to strict remits and tight deadlines, however if needed we can work independently providing a variety of creative input and ideas. Creature Productions offers a wide range of editing and video services to suit the customer’s needs, from small scale online viewing to larger commercial distribution.

More than video editing

We are also experienced in title animation, motion graphics, DVD menu design and grading footage. The final output of the project is entirely up to you, we can produce the finished edit onto DVD or adjust the file for uploading to a computer, smart phone or the Internet. The finished video can be exported in a variety of digital formats – DVD, MP4, WMV, AVI, Flash FLV and QuickTime. With our fast video editing service you can get professional looking videos at affordable prices.

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Frequently asked questions:

Q:What is video editing?

Ok let’s get the boring bit out of the way! On a basic level, video editing is the process of rearranging or modifying segments of video to form part of an entire sequence. Nowadays, modern non-linear editing systems use video which is digitally captured onto a hard drive from an analogue or digital video source. Nevertheless, despite the end of “linear” editing and introduction of these “non linear” editing systems, video editing still works with the same basic principles of motion picture film editing. The goals of video editing are the same – the removal of unwanted footage, isolation of desired footage and arrangement of that footage in time to create a consistent and continuous final sequence (called the “final cut”).

Q:Why is video editing so important?

Skilful editing can make a vital contribution to the impact and shape of your video. The way you interrelate shots not only affects their visual flow but directly influences how your viewer reacts to what they are seeing, i.e. interpretation. Editing is subjective and extremely important part of the production process – poor editing can leave the viewer confused, whereas good editing creates interest, tension and builds up excitement, making it essential in holding the audience’s interest and communicating your message. A good video editor can significantly shape how engaging and effective your video is by commanding an emotional response from your viewer.

Q:How does the editing stage work?

After pre-production (storyboarding, scripting), production (filming), we can finally move onto the post production stage of your video (editing, grading footage and sound). Editing is a crucial component in producing the final video as it where the story/narrative is shaped. Here is our step by step process:

1. Once filming has finished, footage is logged and transcoded. After it has been imported, we then search through picking the best shots and reducing it down (by cutting, slicing, overlaying and trimming) into a concentrated arrangement of highlight shots. When the initial draft edit has been finished, we then refine the video further by colour grading the footage to really make it pop. In addition to this we can add motion graphics and animation to enhance the video and really focus the viewer’s attention.

2. Then we move onto the audio stage, ensuring everything is sounding great by syncing sound and checking the levels. Dialogue is cleaned up by balancing audio levels and applying equalization. Finally we can add sound effects and music depending on the tone and delivery requirements of the video.

3. If you want a voiceover then that’s no problem, we have a wide selection of voice over artists to choose from in a range of accents and nationalities. We can search our database based on your requirements (gender, age and regional accent) or we can select the voice over artist on your behalf, using our knowledge and experience to ensure you have a voice over artist that is well-matched to communicate your message to your target audience.

4. Next, it’s time to review. Put your feet up and we’ll upload a copy of the full video for you to preview. This allows you to watch it through as many times as you like and take note of anything that you think might need changing. We offer various amounts of inclusive revisions within our video packages to allow you to tweak and get the video exactly how you want it. Once everything is finished we will then confirm with you that you’re happy to sign off the video.

5. Finally you can upload and share with the world! Once you’re pleased with the final edit and everything is all done and dusted, we can deliver the video in just about any format you need. We can provide it in a variety of formats such as DVD, Blue-ray, web streaming (QuickTime h.264, mpeg, flv) or even mobile devices (such as iPod’s, Blackberry’s). Now all you have to do is upload it to the web or take it to an exhibition, presentation or whatever you need it for, and show it off to everyone.

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